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Marantz SR7010 Review

Marantz SR7010 Review

If buying a best AV receiver is in your mind and ready to spend little extra, good news for you. The AV market leader Marantz released another top-class model last month. The new model Marantz SR7010 9.2 channel AV receiver became a hot spelling model and got tons of positive reviews in very short time. The high performing, 4K UHD surround receiver is priced little high in the market, but the well-known brand ensured top-notch specification to justify the price. Here is our Marantz SR7010 review to help you decide whether you should buy this high priced product or opt for other budget friendly AV receivers.

Key Features:
9.2 Channel Full 4K UHD pass-through with 13.2ch Preout. 125W Power Amp (8ohm, 20Hz-20kHz,THD:0.05%).Immersive surround sound experience with Dolby Atmos, dts UHD and upgradable to Auro 3D. 8x HDMI inputs & 3x HDMI outputs. Supports Internet radio stations and online music streaming services. Built-in wireless Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity.

Marantz SR7010 is jam-packed with features every home theater geek dream about. The flagship model comes with all top-notch features and specifications. The powerful 9.2 channel platform ideal for full-fledged home theater setup or multi-room entertainment. The model is powered by state-of-art surround sound technologies including Dolby Atmos, dts UHD and Auro 3D (with upgrade) sound format decoders. This AV receiver supports 4K Ultra HD video display and also video signal upscaling. The model has complete array of future ready connectivity options. The model has enough number of HDMI ports to support all HT devices, also has built-in wireless technology.

Marantz SR7010 Review Coming to performance of this product, Marantz has shown its brilliance again. Its powerful 125W (8 ohms) amplification brings life to any home theater speaker systems. Thanks to all its surround sound technologies and decoders inside, the 4K AV receiver takes you to trance. Its immersive 3-dimensional sound output brings amazing home cinema experience, as if you are present on the scene. Online music streaming from services like Pandora, Spotify and SiriusXm were also much enjoyable. Wireless music playback from smartphones is just icing on the cake.

Okay, back to main question, is Marantz SR7010 worth for its price tag? With our experience with the product, we strongly feel, yes it is. If you have enough balance in your bank account, this is the AV receiver should be happy to possess. Of course, if you do not want to invest much on home theater setup and okay with average performing products, there are dozens of alternatives you can find in our AV systems review section.

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