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Onkyo TX-NR727 Review

Get ready for real cinema experience at home with one of the best AV receiver available today. Onkyo TX-NR727 7.2 Channel is one among very few Audio/Video receivers which cleared most stringent performance testing for THX Select2 Plus certification. For this certification any home cinema audio system has to undergo testing at studio reference volume levels. At that high volume the system shouldn’t have distortion more than predefined level. We don’t have to mention this again, this receiver performed very well at high volume with very negligible distortion.

Key Features:
THX Select2 Plus certified. Performance of this system was amazing, both audio and video output quality was outstanding. Its innovative Real-time Dynamic EQ technology offers realistic cinema experience at home.

The system has 8 HDMI inputs, one on front and seven ports on rear side. These eight ports can take surround sound from DTS-HD, True-HD, 3D video and Dolby surround sound. The receiver uses Audyssey™ technology for clear surround sound at different volumes, clear sound, well balanced bass and room corrections. It uses Qdeo™ technology for video up scaling which enhances the standard video quality to 1080P HD quality. The system uses two best technologies for enhancing audio and video quality to incredible level.

Onkyo TX-NR727 Review Media files stored on your computers, smartphones and tablets can be played through certified Wi-Fi LAN or Bluetooth connection without any wire connections. The system also plays internet radio channels with great quality. The company provides Android and iPhone review remote applications for tablets and smartphones, through which you can easily control the A/V receiver system. This product will surely gives an incredible audio and video experience.

Overall this Audio/Video receiver performs very well and gives amazing experience. Onkyo is one of the reliable quality home systems maker and this product outperforms in performance. This product supposed to be a must have for all music lovers and weekend party organizers. All great features and its latest technology make it worth for the money you spend. This system has lots of features and options, the company offers 30 days tech-support to explore them and make best use of the system.

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