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Supersonic SC-55 Review


Pros & Cons: 
Good signal reception capability and best video/audio output quality, available at affordable price. It is missing few features like direct live video recording on USB flash drives and media playback.

If you are looking for a cheap digital TV converter box with good signal catching capability, your search ends here. Supersonic SC-55 is one good digital TV converter box we have reviewed, which works perfectly and available at attractive price. This model is also one of the best selling products listed in Amazon electronics category. We have reviewed quite few set-up boxes so far and we were really impressed with signal reception quality of this low priced product. Let’s have a closer look at its features.

This is a simple and best model which is designed only for good digital signal reception capability and best quality audio/video output. You need an external antenna for this model to work perfectly. RCA Basic indoor antenna, which is available at below $10 is the best suited one for this model. The device catches all low quality over-the-air signals and brings amazing TV watching experience in your old analog television. Surely this low cost converter box will not disappoint you in terms of quality output.

This product doesn’t have hi-tech features which come with a cost. The manufacturer has given much priority on performance than features, although it has few good features to offer. Favorite channels list can be set and easily tuned to those channels on this model. This feature really saves your life when the converter box picks tons of channels and you really watch only few of them regularly. The model also has pass-through technology to improve the durability of the product, you can expect very good service life from it.

It was quite easy to setup the model and start using it within few minutes. The design is very simple, compact and made up with durable material. The device weighs just two pounds and looks quite decent. Supersonic SC-55 is Energy Star certified and it is environment friendly. This model also has few good features like S-Video option to record live programs on external recorder device. The model is missing USB port for media playback, which is available in few high priced models.

Overall the Supersonic SC-55 performance very well and catches tons of channels. The video and audio output quality is outstanding compared to other models. The model is missing few features like media playback through USB flash drives and direct live video recording on USB flash drives. Considering the price and available feature offerings, we recommend this product worth for buying. As said earlier, this product will never disappoint you on performance and quality.

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