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AZEUS RD-822 Review – Cheap HD Projector

If you are looking for a cheap full HD projector that can offer a theater like movie watching experience, without burning a hole on your pocket, the new AZEUS RD-822 could be one best option to consider. Here is our quick AZEUS RD-822 review to explore what this new model brings to the table.

Thought the latest portable projector comes with a budget friendly price tag, it doesn’t compromise any of the functions and features you normally need. The AZEUS RD-822 offers 4000 lumens brightness, which is around 80% brightness than average projectors. It has native resolution of 1280x720P and also supports Full-HD 1920x1080P resolution. Higher brightness and denser projection resolution, with 2000:1 contrast ratio brings up amazingly vivid, sharper and clear videos on the screen.

The portable projector is powered by TFT LCD display technology and makes use of LED light source. The TFT LCD technology consumes lesser energy compared to conventional bulbs. The company claims 50,000 hours of service life on lamp used in this model. This AZEUS compact projector also has built-in 5W speaker.

Coming to connectivity options, the AZEUS RD-822 features 2x HDMI ports, 2x USB input, AV and VGA ports. You can connect the device to TV, gaming consoles, laptop, media players and smartphones (with additional mobile port to HDMI converter).

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