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Ematic AT103B Review

Ematic AT103B

Ematic AT103B Digital converter box is filled with tons of features, every user may not find them useful though. But for sure, this model has got higher price v/s features ratio. We do not recommend a digital to analog converter box based solely on its specifications. Having used this model for few days, we try to find out if it’s worth a buy. Here’s our Ematic AT103B review to help you decide whether this latest product could be your next digital converter box of choice.

Key Features:
Very good signal reception, captures weakest signals very well. Good Video/Audio output quality. Parental control, Auto tuning, favorite channel list, program guide, multiple aspect ratios to suit TV & best viewing experience, Easy remote control, Emergency alert system, Real-time recording & multiple format USB media playback.

When it comes to signal reception, this model is definitely the better model compared to its peers at same price band. This box brings excellent audio/video output quality. We also observed that this digital to analog converter box catches even weak over-the-air ATSC signals. Video display was very clear & crisp. Hardware under the hood does decent job in video conversion and Audio/Video decoding. This model has 1080p output though HDMI and composite video through CVBS terminals. It also supports multiple display aspect ratio to suit all television screens and best TV watching experience.

We have been fairly impressed by the features offered by Ematic AT103B at this price tag. This model ticks all the right check-boxes when it comes to features. Let’s talk about this product‘s few exclusive features here. This model allows you to record real-time programs and also scheduled recording. The recorded programs will be stored on USB pen drive or external hard drive, which can be replayed through same device. This model also has got an option to pause the program and skip the advertisements, cool feature, isn’t it?

Ematic AT103B
Another very useful feature in this model is parental control. You can lock inappropriate channels with a password. There are number of additional features that Ematic AT103B offers compared to its revels. All these can be easily controlled and navigated through full control remote control which comes along with the product. We must point out that the material used for this device feels durable and strong. Of course, aesthetics are of subjective matter, but we personally find this converter box is one of the attractive model out there.

Verdict: Going by the features and user experience, it’s hard to believe that this model costs below $40. This digital converter box redefines the term ‘value for money’ and is certainly a best product you can buy at this price range. It’s very difficult to suggest an alternative device at this price range which offers these much of useful features. If you’re looking for a decent digital converter box with good service life and tons of features, then Ematic AT103B should easily be your first choice.

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Ematic AT103B Review
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4 thoughts on “Ematic AT103B Review

  1. The review above is somewhat correct, and I based my purchase partly on it.

    I would mention few flaws the AT 103B is affected with.

    Listed are the problems that are very apparent.

    (1) The system constantly re-scans channels, often putting channels back in play that I have deleted or even blocked.

    (2) Audio and video disruptions if you place the box or antenna facing a street. It seems, large trucks and emergency vehicles have something, probably systems like LoJack or Qualcomm, disrupt both signals when driving by.
    I purchased a RCA receiver placing it in the same place, no problems with vehicle traffic.

    Overall, for a quick cheap receiver, the AT103B is fine.

  2. @Harold, we didn’t face these issues with the review unit. Looks like an issue with the item you received, did you try to reach out to product service and support?

  3. Hi Harold,

    Other two better options you have are Viewtv AT-163 that is slightly cheaper than Ematic but has track record of good quality products, and iView 3500STBII that is at same price range.

    Both these models has all useful functions like digital video recording, parental control, USB media playback etc.

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