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iView 3500STBII Review

iView 3500STBII Review

iView 3500STBII Review

We reviewed its predecessor iView HDTV 3500STB sometime back. We found that the company has two more variant in the market with product names ‘Multi-function Digital Converter Box’ and ‘iView HDTV 3500STBII’. All these three digital converter boxes look exactly same in terms of design and size. We were curious to get one more variant of them test in detail. Does these models really differ from each other variants from the company and does these models overcome the cons of its predecessor (one we reviewed)? Let’s find it out in our iView HDTV 3500STBII review.

Key Features:
Decent digital converter box at affordable price, much responsive remote control, catches even few cable QAM signals with a good indoor antenna. Supports video recording and media playback from USB flash drives.

One obvious deference we noticed is the earlier variant came with bundled freebies. iView 3500STBII doesn’t come with an indoor antenna and HDMI cable along with the box as compared to earlier model we reviewed. But we reserve judgment on the similarity between variants till a detailed review. Our main point of interest if its signal reception capability. Having used the device for few days, we didn’t find any significant difference in signal reception capability. We still feel an external indoor antenna is much required for catching week signals.

Even on functionality front we didn’t notice any difference. Both variants come with basic features like media recording, media playback through USB port, auto tuning and electronic program guide. There is no addition or remove of features between the upgrades? We must point out that the remote is slightly improved from what we got last time. The remote need not to be directed towards the box for using. We guess the company is supplying same remote for both variants now a days. Having said that, iView could have innovated a little more when it comes to the box design.

It is worth mentioning that we were satisfied with performance and quality of earlier variant. But reaffirmed the need of indoor antenna, which came with the bundle (Homeworx Flat DTV Antenna). The iView 3500STBII is no different from the earlier model we tested and we don’t understand the real significance of suffix ‘II’ in the product code. We recommend you to buy the complete bundle or iView 3500STBII and an indoor antenna, if you don’t need a HDMI cable.

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