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LG Electronics 70UF7700 Review

LG Electronics 70UF7700 Review

If you have enough money and would like to buy the best 4K television in the market, here is a good news for you. LG electronics recently launched the most awaited 70” ultra HD smart television model 70UF7700. The much hyped LG Electronics 70UF7700 is now available in Amazon (check current price), interestingly has got tons of positive reviews from its users. It’s good to see many positive reviews on highly priced products, as we normally see the expectations on premium products are set high and they miss to meet them. Is this the best 4K television you can buy in terms of value for money? We find out in our LG Electronics 70UF7700 review.

Key Features:
This ultra HD smart TV from electronics giant has everything to offer an amazing movie watching experience. The television has UHD resolution of 3820×2160 pixels on amazingly big 70” IPS screen. Identifying individual pixels is next to impossible on this 4K high resolution screen. 4K UHD on a wide screen brings more natural and vivid images, the picture quality on this television is truly hypnotic. As normally expected from an IPS display, the viewing angles were also great compared to a conventional display. We must point out this, Blu-ray videos on this big television takes you to otherworld.

LG 70UF7700 is smart TV as well, powered with LG webOS 2.0. The user interference is simple and easy switch between apps, programs and television shows. This model also supports Video on Demand and live TV broadcasts. With this fully loaded television, there is stop for entertainment and social networking. Coming to the built quality, the material used for this model looks promising and feels premium. The company has done good job in aesthetic department also, this television is one of the attractive model out there. Bezels are narrow, display is covering most of the area. Lean arrow shaped stand adds elegance to the product.

LG Electronics 70UF7700 Review When it comes to connectivity options, this best 4K television has complete array of them. It has two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and three HDMI ports along with one conventional composite, one RF, LAN, RS232 and one Digital audio ports. Complete set of input/output ports makes this TV future ready. LG is providing a ‘Magic Remote’ with this TV, which works both as remote and mouse, and also supports voice commands. Icing on the cake, this television is Energy star certified and consumes less energy.

With whopping specification and making use of latest technologies under the hood, LG has justified the price tag. Should you buy this premium UHD television or spend less and go for cheaper one? Checkout your wallet, if you can afford, this is one of the best 4K televisions you can find in market today. When only best is in your mind, stop looking at the rest. After all, life is short, experience the best quality display on a big screen. If you can’t afford it now, keep this in cart rather wasting money on other televisions.

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LG Electronics 70UF7700 Review
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  1. Thanks for the review, I received this TV two days back, the display is amazing. I’m yet to explore other features.

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