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Proscan PAT102-B Review


Pros & Cons: 
Impressive signal reception capacity, picks even weak signals quickly, clear audio/video output quality at attractive price tag. On down side, company could have innovated a little more when it comes to design.

We got the latest low cost digital converter box Proscan PAT102-B for a detailed review few days back. This model has got impressive specification on paper. This latest entrant has got all basic features with best technology under the hood. As we do not recommend an electronic device based solely on its specifications, we tested this product to find its true worth. It is the best digital to analog converter box you can buy in terms of value for money? Let’s find out in our Proscan PAT102-B review.

Built-in high performance ATSC tuner which scans in seconds and picks even weak signals. Works even great with an external indoor antenna. Has got basic features like parental control, remote operation, live video recording and media playback. The device looks simple and decent, feels strong and durable at the same time. Going by its features, output quality and user experience, it’s hard to believe that Proscan APT102-B costs much lesser than its peers.

Priced at below $30, this device is indeed a best digital converter box that will fit in your budget and is ideal for turning your analog TV to digital signal experience. The model has only basic features like over the air digital broadcast tuning, RF and composite video outputs, closed captioning and parental control. This model doesn’t sport some of the value added features like timing start and shut down, resolution changing and favorite channel list etc. We don’t think everyone will find them useful though. The device does great job in what it is designed for, ATSC signal reception and fine quality video output.

While the company doesn’t mention it on the official specs page, the device can record live videos and also playback them. The device has USB port at front side which can be used to record and store the live video or copy media files from your computer and play them on your analog TV. We played few media files and opened images with most commonly used file formats. Another interesting feature in this low cost model is parental control, you can lock specific channels you don’t want your kids to watch.

There are quite few good quality digital converter boxes out there in the market today. Proscan PAT102-B is one new entrant with good quality reception and all basic feature to compete with its high cost peers. The company is competing in market by offering best user experience without putting a hole on pocket. Has it been able to achieve that? We feel it has succeeded, priced at less than $30, you get a top-of-the line digital converter box that doesn’t compromise when it comes to build quality and performance. It’s very difficult to suggest an alternative ATSC tuner at this price range.

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Proscan PAT102-B Review
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