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VIVIMAGE C680 Review

Are you looking for a premium quality projector to setup your home theater, without burning a hole on your pocket? the latest budget friendly ViviMage C680 full HD projector could easily be top on your list to look for. The model comes with impressive specification and features, at an affordable price. Here is our quick ViviMage C680 Review to explore more about this new product.

The first thing you notice while unboxing the VivaMage C680 is its stunning looks. The projector looks premium with its brushed metal texture on the top. Though the projector is of low price tag, the material used for the projector feels strong and durable. The device is also very compact and weighs 2.4 Kg.

The VivaMage C680 comes with astounding 6000 Lux brightness, which is much higher brightness than other premium priced models in the market. The device has native resolution of 1920 x 1080p and 6000:1 contrast ratio to offer you an incredible movie watching experience. The videos looks much brighter and vivid with a decent quality screen or even on a white wall.

The device supports projection distance of 1.5 to 5.6 meter and size 38″ to 200″, with aspect ratios 4:3 or 16:9. The project comes with dual HDMI ports, dual USB ports to support variety of devices including Blue-ray players, gaming consoles, laptop, hard disc and flash drives. With Lightning to HDMI connector or Micro USB cable, you can even connect with iPhone or Android smartphones and steam videos capture in your phone on a bigger screen.

The VivaMage C680 also features dual built-in stereo speakers, not so powerful enough for a home cinema audio experience, but decent enough for TV shows and sports. We recommend to get additional speakers for surround sound experience, if you’re setting up a home cinema.

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