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Yamaha BD-A1060 Review

Yamaha BD-A1060 ReviewAs a general recommendation, all the people who own a 4K television should invest their money on a good Blu-Ray disc player. Otherwise, they will not be able to experience all the benefits that are associated with the 4K TV. If you are looking for a compatible Blu-Ray disc player, Yamaha BD-A1060 is the best option available out there. Here is the quick Yamaha BD-A1060 review to explore latest model and see how it stands against is rivals.

Aventage BD-A1060 is one of the recently introduced high-end Blu-ray disc players introduced by Yamaha. It not only supports 4K ultra HD format, but also upscale  standard definition videos to 4K in order to deliver a fascinating experience to the users. Therefore, you will be able to upgrade your Blu-ray collection to make them look perfectly well in the 4K television at home. The Blu-ray disc players released by Yamaha have maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past. The immersive experiences delivered by them have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. Yamaha BD-A1060 can be considered as the latest addition to their lineup of Blu-ray disc players and it offers the same experience to the users.

The impressive features offered by Yamaha BD-A1060BL have also contributed to its popularity. Apart from 4K upscaling, this Blu-ray disc player has built in Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can easily connect it to the Wi-Fi network at home and have unlimited entertainment. The BD live features are also offered through Wi-Fi connectivity. This Blu-ray player is compatible with SACDs, DVDs, 3D Blu-Ray discs, HD Blu-Ray discs and standard audio CDs. A dedicated CD mode can be found in this player, which reduces the speed the disc spins. In other words, this technology reduces the vibrations of the disc and keeps you away from all the issues that are associated with it.

Yamaha Aventage BD-A1060 is equipped with high res audio support as well. It is important to keep in mind that this player ups the DAC to 32-bit/192Hz capability. If you are looking forward to hook up the player to a high end amplifier, this would be one of the best options available out there in the market. It has the potential to balance XLR outputs in an effective manner and keep you away from hassle. This can also contribute towards noise free long cable runs. Moreover, Yamaha BD-A1060 is compatible with Miracast, which is a new technology that offers seamless video displaying between multiple devices. You don’t need to use any cables or a network connection to use this technology. In fact, this technology would give you the opportunity to view pictures from any Miracast compatible device available on the market, and making it a future ready product.Yamaha BD-A1060-Review

With Yamaha BD-A1060, you will be able to convert your smartphone into a full functional remote controller. You just need to download the AV Controller app from iTunes or Google Play Store. As you can see, Yamaha BD-A1060 is one of the most versatile Blu-Ray disc players available in the market and any person who has a 4K television can purchase it without a doubt on mind.

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