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Zinwell ZAT-970A Review


Pros & Cons: 
Very good signal reception capacity, it picks weakest signals very well. It brings awesome stereo audio output with Dolby AC-3 support. It’s easy and quick to set different aspect ratio to match all screen sizes. The device supports parental control on channels. It’s slightly expensive product in market.

We reviewed quite few digital converter boxes so far. If you are looking at Zinwell ZAT-970A review, you are on the last step to own a best digital to analog converter box. We were really impressed with quality and performance of this set-top box. It has few good features and very good signal catching capacity. Compared to other products this one is slightly expensive ($10-15 more) buy we felt it is worth for that price. Surely this device will reinvent your television watching experience.

Zinwell ZAT-970A has everything to offer new life for your old analog TV. This model picks weakest signals very well and brings very good picture quality. The device supports all 18 ATSC broadcasting formats and it’s also MPEG-2 Digital compliant. Aspect ratio can be set to 4:3 or 16:9 easily based on TV screen size. The set-top box assures best picture quality on both screen sizes. Our review team really surprised with the quality of output this model offered.

Another great feature to consider in this product is its audio output quality. This model makes use of latest technology to decode ATSC Dolby AC-3 audio signals. This model is best alternative for cable, as you don’t notice any drop in output quality and performance. Very good signal reception and best output quality makes this a top selling model in the market. This digital converter box will surely meets user’s expectations and offers very good television watching experience.

Zinwell ZAT-970A digital converter box has few more good features other than quality output. This model supports parental control, channels you want to hide from kids can be easily locked. The device is highly energy efficient and also Energy Star certified. It also supports analog pass-through to reduce energy consumption. The system shuts down itself to save energy if it stays idle for preset long time. It quite easy to setup and start using this box, a user manual and remote comes with packing.

If you are looking for a good digital converter box with best performance and quality, Zinwell ZAT-970A is one to consider buying. The model looks both trendy and decent at the same time. Also, performance of this model exceeded our expectations in terms of signal reception and output quality. The price is marginally higher ($10-15) than few cheaper models available today, but considering features and quality, this product is worth for the money you spend.

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Zinwell ZAT-970A Review
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