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Hisense 50U6G1 Review – 4K Premium

Here is a good news for someone looking for a premium quality 4K Smart television that comes with an affordable price tag. New 50-inch Smart television, the Hisense 50U6G1 is recently launched with impressive specifications and premium looking design. The latest model from Hisense has got all the features that you expect from a future-ready television. Here is our quick Hisense 50U6G1 Review to explore more about the new television in the market.

Hisense 50U6G1 Review

The new Hisense 50U6G1 features a 50-Inch 4K 3840x2160p ULED screen, powered with Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut technology and 600 nits peak brightness. It delivers richer, purer and vivid color compared to a normal LCD display. The TV also has got Dolby Vision HDR+ Dolby Atmos and Full Array local dimming technology to enhance the display quality. The television gives an immersive movie watching experience on the large screen with its brillient display quality.

Hisense 50U6G1 Review

Not just the top-notch display quality, the television opens the door for world of limitless entertainement with its Smart features. The TV runs on Android platform and allows the users to download all the media streaming apps from Google Play Store. With this feature, the user will get access to over 700k movies and media files through Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Hulu and other media streaming channels. The smart television takes the voice command through Google Assistant, also compatible with Alexa. You can browse the media files and navigate the controls with just your voice commands, no need to lift a fingure.

Coming to design and built quality, the Hisense 50U6G1 looks premium and matches the design at-par with high-end models of other brands. Nothing speacial for sure, you will see narrow bezels and usual stand design. If the Hisenese branding just below the screen is removed you’ll never diffrentiate the television with any other premium models from Sony, LG or Samsumng.

The Smart television also supports media streaming through Bluetooth connectivity. Users can pair their smartphones, laptop and other gadgets without messing with wires. Overall, the new Hisense 50U6G1 offers value for money. Packed with useful features and premium quality hardware, the television is expected to attract more customers.

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