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Acoustic Audio AA5180 Review

Acoustic Audio AA5180 Review

Of course, the large number of people wouldn’t have heard about Acoustic Audio. It is one of the home audio, outdoor speakers and pro-audio speakers maker, has manufacturing base mostly in china. The company has many good quality products under its umbrella at highly competitive price. We recently got a chance to review one of its 5.1 surround sound Home Entertainment System which comes as a bundle of speakers. Here is our Acoustic Audio AA5180 review to help you decide whether this 5.1 sound system can be your next speakers of choice.

Key Features:
Few years ago premium brand like Yamaha, Sony, Klipsch, Polk and Bose were ruling the home audio systems market, recently people started realizing high audio quality and performance at affordable price is much important than just a brand name. Acoustic Audio is one good example of that. The company has more successfully running products in the market than any of its well-known rivals. ‘Price tag’ is where the company beast its peers by offering same reliable quality products. Will Acoustic Audio AA5180 be able to uphold the company’s legacy? We’ll review it here.

This model comes with 6 discrete independent input/output channels with total power of 700 watts. Surround sound effect from the powerful speakers was truly amazing and much better than what we normally expect from low cost speaker systems. Audio was very clear and detailed even at high volumes. The company claims that the model has computerized enclosure design with magnetic shielding to nullify noise caused by other electronic devices placed in close proximity. We didn’t notice any kind of noise or distortion at different volume levels.

Acoustic Audio AA5180 Review
When it comes to connectivity options, this model has all you need. As a standard, the model has 3.5mm aux port to connect with television or A/V system. This model supports wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. Many users find this feature very useful to playback music from their smartphones without messing with wires. It also supports music playback from SC cards and USB flash drives. Standard package includes necessary cables, user manual and full functional remote control.

Overall, Acoustic Audio AA5180 is for someone looking for decent sound quality speaker system at affordable price range. This model doesn’t come with boasting features like smartphone remote controlling, mobile docking or unheard technology but does give unbelievable surround sound experience. If you’re not worried about brand name, this model could be an easy choice for you. Acoustic Audio AA5180 will surely redefine value for money.

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