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Acoustic Audio TSi450 Review

Acoustic Audio TSi450 ReviewTechnology can come in cheap, but usually at the cost of low performance and quality. But what if you can find affordable digital products at a decent quality? Well, it’s not a dream. All you have to do is to take your focus away from all the technological giants like Bose, Klipsch, Yamaha, etc., and then, you will be able to discover products that offer quality and affordability, simultaneously. For example, there are lots of Chinese electronics companies that are providing consumers a great value for their money while being aesthetically brilliant. Acoustic Audio is one such company, and here is a quick Acoustic Audio TSi450 Review, the latest Bluetooth powered floor-standing home theater tower speaker pair.

Acoustic Audio has been producing some quality home speaker systems from some time now, but the reason they are never in the limelight is because of their satisfactory but not brilliant quality and performance. However, one department where the company really does very well is the pricing of their products. Acoustic Audio TSi450 Powered Tower Multimedia Home Speaker System are great to use for your daily audio needs, if you want to listen to something loud and clear, but if you talk about depth, pitch, echo and other factors, you could know that they are a few downsides to this product.

TSi450 Design

Aesthetically, the speakers have an average built quality, and with just a touch, you can feel that it’s not premium. The pair of speakers have most of their functional controls on the top panel, where you can see USB button like Play/Pause, Volume down, Volume up, Menu, Input standby, U Disk and a slot for SD/MMC Card. There are also a few indicators for the Treble, Bass, Sleep, AUX, EQ, and Bluetooth. In terms of convenience, it’s nice to have the entire control panel on the top of the speakers system. The pair comes with one Powered and one Passive Speaker, each measuring 38″ x 6.375″ x 14″.

FeaturesAcoustic Audio TSi450 Review

These tower speakers with 800-Watts RMS System Power also have a built-in amplifier system that creates a nice, crisp, and pure sound reproduction. The Acoustic Audio TSi450 come with Frequency Response of 30- 20,000 Hz and 98 dB efficiency. However, if you have been using some other good brand before, you will definitely feel the difference. TSi450 can be used with computer, TV, DVD, CD player etc., and the sound quality is generally quite satisfactory. The magnetic shield on these speakers allow for intrusion free experience when they are connected to a TV or computer.

The control panel, including volume, sound and power controls are easily adjustable to your desired sound level and quality.

Pricing and Verdict

Acoustic Audio TSi450 Powered Bluetooth Tower Multimedia Home Speaker System is available at highly affordable price, which is just the right for the features offered. If you want to stay on a budget, you should not hesitate buying these.

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