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Craig CHT954 Review


Pros & Cons: 
Clear crisp sound even at high volumes, loud enough for mid sized home cinema setup, affordable price, Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Doesn’t come with a docking station.

Are you a tower speaker system lover and looking for a decent product at affordable price? Then this tower speakers could be a part of your wishlist. Here is our Craig CHT954 review to explore this latest model’s pros and cons. The 39 inch tall tower speakers come with basic features and decent specifications. We do not recommend speakers based solely on specifications, so we reserve judgment on this models quality till a detailed review.

One of the best feature in this models is its wireless connectivity. We hate messing up with wires and found this features very useful. We could able to easily and quickly sync with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, laptop and A/V receivers. The model also supports wired connection, if you would like to use with non-Bluetooth supported devices. The model is light in weight and stands firm at same time. With Bluetooth connectivity we could able to move and place the speakers when it was playing.

Coming back to the important function of any speakers, we played our regular set of music files with assorted genre. It’s worth mentioning that, the audio quality was up to our expectation. We were fairly impressed with the quality and clarity of sound. The speakers produced clear crisp audio even at high volume. Sound was loud enough for a medium sized home cinema setup. The full function remote is (supplied with battery) was very responsive and easy to operate at a distance.

The Craig CHT954 also has a built-in FM stereo radio tuner, some users might actually find it useful. The model has attractive color changing LEDs around its four speakers. These lights are not very bright and annoying, as some cheap models come with. We placed these speakers on either side of our HDTV and found these LED lights are not distracting but complementing our movie watching experience. These lights can also be turned off from its full functional remote control.

Overall, we had a very good experience with this latest tower speakers. Now a days we are seeing speakers with docking stations, this model misses it. But we didn’t feel it necessary as Craig CHT954 tower speakers come with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. when it comes to built-quality and performance, obviously this is a better choice than its peers out there in the market. With all these things considered, it’s not hard to describe this model is one of the best choices to consider.

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