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Hisense 50H6570G Review

Hisense 50H6570G Review
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Now say Hi to the Hisenese, the brand has released new Android smart TV with Alexa support. The latest model from Hisense comes with a good specification at an affordable price tag. If you’re on tight budget and still looking for a big, 4K UHD, Smart television, then this model could be one to take a look at. Here is our quick Hisense 50H6570G review to make your decision easier.

The new Hisense 50H6570G features 49.5-inch 3840 x 2160p resolution LCD panel. The 120Hz refresh rate 4K screen also supports Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10. Thanks to the Dolby HDR technology, the television adds dramatic color, brightness and contrast to enhance the visual experience. The images and videos looks sharper and vivid, comparable with UHD screens from expensive brands.

The television offers a True Smart TV experience with its Android OS and voice control supports. You can download thousands of games, media streaming Apps from playstore and access to online TV shows, movies, sport and more. Easily connect it to your home WiFi and start watching YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and many other online channels. The Hisense 50H6570G also has built-in Bluetooth to stream music from smartphones.

The smart television supports Amezon Alexa. You can voice command your television to search online content, play-pause media, control the volume and much more. Don’t have Axela device at home? Never mind, the smart television also has built-in Google Assistant. Overall, the Hisense 50H6570G offers value for money. The model comes with all latest features, high-end technologies, at an affordable price.

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