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Hisense 65CU6200 Review

Hisense 65CU6200 ReviewIf you are in the market for a 4K smart TV, you have probably come across the latest Hisense 65CU6200 in your research. As a (relatively) budget option, this television offer one of the best displays at entry-level price. The Hisense 65” 4K Smart TV – also known by its model name, 65CU6200 – is a high quality, cheap option for an entry-level consumer looking to buy their first Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) Display.

Display and Smart Capabilities:
One of the best things about this product – as you would expect from a 4K TV – is the display. Its 3840x2160p resolution (double that of Full HD) is more than enough to keep just about all content looking crisp and clear, even on such a large panel. The detail is stunning, and the high dynamic color range is visually attractive, but it can only be properly enjoyed on 4K content, which is yet to air on traditional TV programming. So why bother with such a high-end display if regular TV won’t look any better?

Hisense 65CU6200 television’s smart-capabilities provide a solution. With the ability to watch Netflix, YouTube, and more through the TV’s app store and built-in browser, you can enjoy crisp UHD content with ease – provided your internet connection can stream it reliably. The model also comes with 4x HDMI with video upscale and 3x USB ports to play media files from flash drives.

While useful, Hisense’s smart offerings are not without fault. Navigation in the custom version of the Opera web browser can be painfully slow. This is most apparently when typing is required, as the only keyboard available is on-screen, and must be operated using the TV remote’s arrow keys. Even when you do manage to get to your desired site, it’s far from guaranteed that the sites videos will cooperate.

This is mostly solved through the apps available from the app store, you’ll most likely be satisfied with the seamless integration of Netflix and YouTube (there are even dedicated buttons on the remote for both services), but don’t expect a seamless experience with some of the lesser known content providers.

Build Quality:
The device’s build quality is solid – the panel never flexed, though the provided feet feel slightly wobbly – it may be best to mount this product on a wall.
External speakers are practically not required, as the TV’s dual 30W total power speakers has both good depth and clarity for a mid-sized room, though this is not the case with most panels, especially at this price point.

The Verdict:
While it has its negatives, it’s hard to go wrong with the Hisense 65CU6200 65” 4K Smart TV. Considering its price tag, Hisense offers some of the best value for money in Ultra High Definition TVs, especially for a panel of this size.

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