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LG UM6951 Review

Renowned LG brand has released new UM6951 series of 4K UDH televisions to the market recently. The latest Smart LED televisions comes with identical high-end specifications, except the screen sizes to cater wider user segments. If you’re looking for an UHD television at affordable price and from a reliable brand, you should definitely take a look at these new models from LG. How these new television models are competing against its revels, let’s find it out in our LG UM6951 Review.

LG UM6951 Review
LG UM6951 Review

The LG UM6951 series of televisions are currently available in 43” (43UM6951), 50” (50UM6951) and 55” (55UM6951) display sizes. All the three models are listed in Amazon to target buyers in different size ranges (>>Check Price in Amazon). These TVs features a 3840x2160p 4K Ultra-HD screen to offer sharp and crisp images. LG makes use of 60Hz LED panels on these TVs, which is decent enough to offer a smooth gaming experience also on your large screen. The display also has got Active High Dynamic Range (HDR) that delivers amazingly vivid and natural colors.

The UM6951 Smart televisions are powered by Quad Core Processor to deliver impressive movie watching and gaming experience. Its 4k quad-core processor brings further advantages to its visual display and the processing of videos and clips. Through its noise reduction feature and upscaling capability, you would be able to enjoy the big cinema experience at your home. For the gamers, it brings the benefit of a real stadium-like feel.

The televisions run on webOS® 4.5 platforms, enabling a full SMART experience for users. You can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV and many other streaming channels, also browse the internet and do much more with its intuitive interface. You can set your favorite apps either on the main screen or in the folders and access them in just one click. The televisions also support voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Bottom Line:

LG has introduced a great variety of 4k resolution Smart TVs in recent years with latest features and technologies. Although you may find several other brands that sell 4k supported TVs, The LG Smart TVs are reliable and comes at affordable price range. It’s no more a secret that many other brands also make use of LG display panels. The LG UM6951 Smart TVs comes with amazing display quality and useful features; you would love to spend time in front of it watching your favorite shows/games. You can choose either 43” (43UM6951) or 50” (50UM6951) or 55” (55UM6951), based on your budget and room space you have.

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