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Optoma HD131Xw Review

Optoma HD131Xw Review

Optoma HD131Xw
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Our team has picked the latest home theater projector Optoma HD131Xw from well know brand, OptimaUSA for the detailed review. This 3D DLP project was considered for a comprehensive review because of its popularity among thousands of satisfied customers. This model has dozens of good features compared to other models available today. This model suits best for home theaters and office projector systems as well. Quality of this system was outstanding and we found this system is value for money. The system performs very well and gives very good movie watching experience.

Key Features:
Outstanding display quality, the project brings 1080P HD quality display with 3D compatibility. Very good home cinema experience at affordable price. High contrast ratio and sharp display.

This projector offers very good movie watching experience with its 1080P high resolution display. The display looks incredible and gives great satisfaction to users. The contrast ratio of this system is up to 18000:1 which is great compared to other products available today. The system keeps the dark area as it should be and bright area with clear crisp display, the sharp display from the projector proves it is one of the best systems at this price. The model supports 3D movies with great quality.

Optoma HD131Xw Review
This model makes use of Texas Instrument’s DLP with Brilliant Color technology for bringing great display quality. More vivid colors with great color depth and natural looking video are the key point in this model. With all these latest technology and great specifications, the projector ensures amazing video quality which looks natural and brilliant. Brightness of this projector system is meeting the requirements of ANSI standards with 2500 Lumens. It supports maximum resolution of 1920×1080 resolutions, which even few latest LED televisions don’t support.

Our review team found this is one of the best HD projectors available today in market. The price is very affordable and reasonable compared to the quality of the product and its offerings. Optoma HD131Xw suits well for a good home cinema entertainment system as well as an office presentation projector. The system offers brilliant, sharp and crisp video display and great display of presentations are rest assured. Surely this projector will give an incredible 3D movie experience to its users. This product has much more to offer than few key features listed above.

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