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Polk Reserve Series R300 Review

The new Polk Reserve Series R300 Compact Center Channel is the latest news in the audio electronics market. The compact speaker comes with impressive specification to attract more eyes. The latest models is found to be good option for someone setting up their budget-friendly home theater audio system. Here is our quick Polk Reserve Series R300 Review to explore more about this product.

Polk Reserve Series R300 Review
Polk Reserve Series R300 Review

The well-known audio electronics manufacturer, Polk has carefully crafted the latest Reserve Series R300 center channel speaker to uphold its legacy in the audio systems. The model comes with dual 5.25-inch Turbine Cone Woofers and 1-inch Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter. The speakers deliver clear and detailed midrange, distortionless thumping bass at high-range. Thanks to its precision tweeter, the vocals are crisp and you will enjoy the movie dialogues as never before.

The R300 Center channel supports hi-res audio formats like MQA, WAV, DSD, FLAC and ALAC. The Polk has also used good quality material on this product, its cross-braced cabinets with completely sealed casing ensures very low interior resonances.

The compact model will be a great addition to any home theater audio system or bookshelf speakers you already have. If you don’t have surround sound speaker system, you can consider getting two Polk R600 tower speakers and Polk R100 or R200 bookshelf speakers, to pair with this center channel to build your home theater audio system. You can place this speaker on tabletop, shelf or even wall-mount it in proper location to get most out of it. You can also buy a speaker stand to place it anywhere you want to.

Overall, the new Polk Reserve Series R300 comes with good specifications, impressive audio quality and durable built-quality. It will be a good choice if you’re not buying a bundled speaker system at once or building your home theater with you’re own mix-and-match audio system.

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