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Sony BDP S1100 Review

Sony BDP S1100 Review

Sony BDP S1100
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An ultimate blu-ray and dvd player Sony BDP S1100 is today’s special pick for our comprehensive product review. Beautifully designed, latest blu-ray disc player from ‘The Perfectionist’ brand Sony works like a charm. This model works with great performance and offers some best features. As all Sony products, the quality of this system is highly reliable. This model has very good specification to bring life to home entertainment systems. This product will surely reinvent home cinema entertainment experience.

Key Features:
Sony BDP S1100 employs best technology for bringing out great performance. It supports 1080P full HD blu-ray, HQ audio, SD to HD video, tons of online streaming services, web browsing and social networking.

This model comes with latest technology for incredible performance. It’s video upscaling technology turns standard definition videos from DVD to incredible High Definition 1080P quality. This product is specially designed with enclosed optical drive which enhances output quality and brings clear crisp pictures. Discs load really quick and starts to play within seconds, no more waiting time for playing high resolution videos. This model also supports 3D HDTV, with this player full potential of a HDTV could be utilized.

Sony BDP S1100 Review
This model also supports 7.1 channel high definition surround sound with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-Master decoding technology. Audio discs are played very well with this system. This model has one USB port on front to playing media files stored in flash drives and external hard drives. It plays all common audio and video formats with great quality. Not just blu-ray, DVD and media files stored on USB drives, this device also supports online streaming media from hundreds of services like YouTube, Netflix and Pandora etc.

Sony BDP S1100 is one of the best Blu-ray players we reviewed so far. The price looks very cheap compared to the features it is offering. Mainly the name ‘Sony’ stands for reliable quality and service life. Particularly this model brings out best technology to home entertainment systems. We have listed only few key features of the product here, this model also has many good features like web browsing, social networking, wireless connectivity, video calling through Skype, parental control and much more.

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