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Sony SS-CR3000 Review

Sony SS-CR3000 Review

Hot selling Sony SS-CR3000 is one of the best surround sound speaker packages we have reviewed so far. We received this center and rear channel speaker system few weeks back but couldn’t test it till yesterday due to other priorities. This below $100 speaker package has got very good specification and performs was up to our expectations. The tech giant Sony offers best quality audio experience at attractive price through this model. After the comprehensive testing and review we found this model worth for recommending.

Key Features:
Best quality audio output at all volume levels. Powerful 120 watts maximum input support for amazing surround sound effects. Two 4.75″ woofers & 1″ high quality tweeter at center and 4.75″ full range speakers for side.

This latest speaker system comes with maximum of 120 watts power input, which could support all best-in-class LED TVs, Blu-ray players and AVRs. The center speaker has built-in 1″ tweeter with powerful 4.75″ driver. The rear speakers include powerful 4.75″ full range drivers. These fine finished speaker units bring amazing quality of audio at all volumes levels. Sony is well known brand for high quality audio systems and this particular model is uplifting its brand image further.

Setting up a best quality home cinema entertainment system is in your mind? This speaker package is one best choice for you. Its powerful full range speakers with two 4.75″ woofers and high quality 50Hz tweeter offers ultimate home cinema experience. Apart from great performance, this model also has few good features like magnetic shielding technology and BRAVIA compatible design. It’s magnetic shielding technology makes sure that no noise is generated when the speaker is placed at close proximity with other electronic products.

All these good features and best quality audio output makes it one good product to consider buying. Our review team was really impressed with its powerful and clear crisp audio quality and recommends this model over other cheaper substandard products. Sony SS-CR3000 will surely meet user’s expectations and worth for its price. We believe that’s one of the reasons behind this model’s popularity and thousands of positive reviews from its users. If you are looking for a reliable quality speakers at affordable price, get this model today and redefine your audio experience.

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