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Sony UBP-X800 Review


Sony has created quite a niche for itself, from their PlayStations, Televisions, and music systems to their DVD players. They have tried and tested the waters in almost all of the major electronic product lines. Today, we have Sony UBP-X800 Review for you guys! The device first of its kind comes with Ultra-HD Blu-ray support to enhance the movie watching experience to a new level.

What does the UBP-X800 look and feel like?

UBP-X800 is a flat rectangular Blu-ray player like most of the major Blu-ray devices of today; it comes with a rigid ‘frame and bean’ design to prevent any sort of mechanical vibration that may result in unpleasant noise. The device looks elegant and premium with its tray cover hiding, full-length strip that perfectly blends with the stylish body.

What does it have under the hood?

This beast of a player could play anything you can throw at it, from the Blu-ray discs to the traditional DVDs and CDs to ultra-HD videos from online streaming sites. It also comes preloaded with the necessary video codecs to play 4K HDR content. Powered with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X will bring incredible theater atmosphere while watching movies. This Sony player can easily handle high audio formats like the DAC and high-resolution audio, so you know that you are listening to nothing but the best.

Sony UBP-X800 also comes with two HDMI output ports meant specifically to play 4K videos on your television. The device also comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a USB port to play most of the well-formatted media from your hard disk or pen drive. The Ethernet port provided with the player acts as an added bonus to have you watch stable 4k movies from reputable video streaming sites like Amazon or Netflix. Its built-in Bluetooth also supports wireless headphones for private movie watching or music playback.

How well does it perform against set parameters we tested it on?

We ran this black beauty through the stern testing procedures that we always follow; it gave us a cent percent response on the major lot of them. It ran everything we threw at it with ease from the state of the art Blu-ray DVD to the 2-year-old CD with dust smothered all over it; it did not for once give up on us!

Overall, Sony UBP-X800 4K Blu-ray player checks all the boxes on our parameters, and we have strong reason to believe that it would do so on yours too. Do not hold yourself back just go for it; you will have a completely new meaning for entertainment with this piece!

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Sony UBP-X800 Review
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