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TCL 55US5800 Review

TCL 55US5800 ReviewTV has always been an attraction for home entertainment, and also with each passing year, the tech appears to be gradually improving. Irrespective of whether you are a family that usually spends each night enjoying television, or somebody who wakes up every single morning and tunes in for a few enjoyment, owning a lovely TV like TCL 55US5800 is a real luxury. Continue reading our TCL 55US5800 review to explore how this latest Television standout in competition.

If perhaps you have been looking for the appropriate TV for your house, you might have been discouraged by the cost of some. But, there are lots of alternatives that feature both affordability as well as high-quality features into an appealing price. One in particular which comes to mind is TCL 55US5800.

TCL is among the best-selling producers which are know very well for their Award-Winning Smart TVs. Even though they are great televisions, they are gradually being phased out. The reason? Simply because they were only capable of 1080p, as well as the brand new standard is 4K.

Main Difference between 1080p and 4K

For around the last decade, 1080p continues to be the ultimate goal of resolution by offering a 1920 x 1080 image resolution, leading to high definition imaging. However in 2016, 1080p is undoubtedly on its way out as well as being replaced with 4K just like the TCL 55US5800. Why? Simply because the image resolution of 4K can offer 4 times the volume of content that your present 1080p television can present.

4K is popular because it offers a 3840 x 2160 resolution, also you might have heard to it to be generally known as 2160p. TCL 55US5800 has the capability to display up to 8 million pixels on your own screen, 4K is really amazing. It’s a technology that you’ll exclusively see become more widely accepted and available. I was amused when I saw the display of this TV.

Is 4K Worth It?TCL 55US5800 review

Though the price of 4K was incredibly high when it was formerly released a couple of years ago, the cost of 4K TVs have decreased considerably. Most importantly, TCL is leading the way with certainly one of the least-expensive, but feature-rich Smart TV sets available on the market just like the TCL 55US5800. The model is worth it because it features a lot more than you could expect and deliver the best entertainment option. Know more about 4K.

Roku Built-In

What actually sets the 55US5800 apart from others is the Roku integration that provides you the greatest choice of streaming channels available today. With more than 2000 channels, lots of them are absolutely free and prepared for immediate streaming on the television.

Furthermore, you can make use of a wide range of apps to connect as well as stream content from Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus as well as a lot more. Whenever you turn on the TCL 55US5800, you are served with an amazingly designed home screen, which can be totally personalized.

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