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VANKYO Leisure 430 Review

Vankyo has released one more new low-cost portable projector to the market recently. The new VANKYO Leisure 430 comes with decent spec to attract customers who doesn’t bother much about brand names and looking for a durable, good quality projector at affordable price. Here is our quick VANKYO Leisure 430 Review to help our readers to know if this product is worth buying.

VANKYO Leisure 430 is one of the cheapest movie projector in the market now. Having said that, the model doesn’t compromise on its specifications. The compact multimedia projector features many useful functions and high-end spec, which most users need.

The mini LED movie projector comes with 3600 Lux brightness and 2000:1 contact ratio. With project distance of 3.9 to 23.6ft and 40-236 inches projection size, the device brings up amazingly vivid, sharp and bright display on big screen. The projector supports 1080P full-HD resolution, ensuring you have a theater like immersive movie watching experience.

The company claims 50,000 hours of lamp life on this budget friendly portable movie projector. That means, a trouble free life of over 27 years if you watch two movies everyday.

Coming to its design and built-quality, the Vankyo 430 looks very appealing and its compact state-of-art design makes you love it at first sight. The low-cost device doesn’t look cheap, the design looks and feels premium with superior quality material. With complete array of connectivity options including HDMI, USB, VGA, Micro SD, RCA and AV interfaces, you can connect all kinds of gaming devices and media players.

We suspect VANKYO Leisure 430 going to be hands down deal for someone on tight budget but still looking for a durable, high quality portable cinema projector. Without much investment, you can enjoy the fun of big screen games, TV shows, sports and movies with your family and friends.

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