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BenQ MS502 Review

BenQ MS502 Review

BenQ MS502 Review
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A mid range projector, BenQ MS502 is our pick of the day for a detailed review. Well known consumer electronics maker BenQ brings decent specifications with this low priced projector. This model suits very well for educational institutes and office board rooms. This model also has 3D Ready technology and other features for home cinema entertainment, but the performance is not outstanding compared to other BenQ products DreamDigitalHome team has reviewed earlier. Let’s look at the specification and features of this product.

Key Features:
BenQ MS502 has decent specification at very competitive price. Suits very well for office board rooms and educational institutes, also good pick for budgeted home cinema. For a medium range home cinema, this model fulfills all the requirements.

The projector supports native SVGA resolution of 800×600 with brilliant brightness and vivid colors. In this low priced model, BenQ offers more than what other brands usually offer. Its ANSI 2700 lumens bright and amazing 13,000:1 contrast ratio brings high quality display. The model meets the expectations for a good home cinema entertainment system. It’s ultra sharp image display and outstanding full-screen presentation features make it one of the best choices for educational institutes and office meeting halls.

BenQ MS502 Review
This projector offers 6500 hours of lamp service life. In terms of durability and quality, BenQ products are reliably good. The product may work more than what company is assuring in terms of lamp life. It employs latest technologies for energy saving and hence increasing the lamp service life. Its Smart Eco and Eco Blank technologies reduce energy consumption up to 70% and save the lamp life as well. This model supports 3D movies and playing high resolution videos with great quality. The display quality is not as great as few 3D Blu-ray projectors our team has reviewed, but gives very good movie watching experience.

Overall this model is a best pick for a decent home entertainment and presentations. No need to mention again, this model is much cheaper than other BenQ projectors we reviewed here. The system offers reasonable features and specifications at an affordable price. Performance and built quality of this model was good and reliable. If you are looking for a good projector at reasonable price, buy BenQ MS502, it will surely change your everyday life.

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