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iDGLAX DG-757L Review

iDGLAX DG-757L Review

Our team has reviewed one of the cheep Projectors available in market. iDGLAX DG-757L has few good features at very low price. If you are looking for a cheap home cinema projector, this one is good to consider. Performance of this product is not outstanding compared to BenQ 3D Blu-ray projectors our team reviewed earlier but few features in this model are not available in many premium models. It is the best Projector you can buy in terms of value for money? We find out in our iDGLAX DG-757L review.

Key Features:
Best of class 20,000 hours of Lamp life. Full HD 1280×768 pixels LCD projector with 2800 lumens brightness. Vivid and sharp images with two built-in speakers.

This low price LCD projector brings decent image quality for a satisfactory home cinema entertainment system. This model supports 1280×768 pixels high resolution 720P full HD videos with outstanding 2800 lumens brightness. This model supports image scaling at different sizes easily. The performance of this model was considerably good and surely this projector gives good HD movie watching experience. The display quality is very good for home theaters, video games, office presentations and class room teachings.

iDGLAX DG-757L Review
The company brings another best-in-class offering of 20,000 hours of LED lamp service life. The lamp life in this model is really great compared to other cheap projectors in the market. The lamp will last for more than 14 years, which is really a best point to consider while buying a home theater projector. This model also has few good features like two built-in speakers with very good audio quality, supports Xbox, PS2, PS3 and other gaming consoles. This system also supports playing media files from USB flash drives without help of a computer.

Overall iDGLAX DG-757L is a good choice for low cost home cinema systems. The display quality is not amazing compared to high priced 3D Blu-ray players but surely the user will not miss great entertainment. At very affordable price, the projector brings lots of features which are missing in other models. The main benefit to consider this product for buying is its lamp life, good features and price. If you are looking for a cheap and best home cinema experience, it’s difficult to suggest an alternative model for you.

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