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Best Speakers with No Box Enclosure – Open Baffle

Looking for Best Speakers without box enclosures to build your own sound system, here are few top rated Open Baffle speakers to help your DIY project. These Open Baffles offers you lots of freedom to choose the drivers you need, place required number of tweeters or woofers, and build your own sound bar, bookshelf sound box, surround sound satellite speaker systems or a boombox. Also can be used to replace troubled speakers inside a branded sound box.

Lii Audio Fast-8 Full Range Drivers

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Lii Audio is one of the well-known brand when it comes with speakers with no box enclosure. The Fast-8 is the hot selling product from the brand, comes with 8-inch full range driver. The driver is very sensitive and it can be driven by low watt amp. This 94db speaker produces clear vocal and instruments. 8-inch is the standard size in most of enclosures, makes it an ideal driver as replacement speakers. Read more on Lii Fast-8..

Visaton BG20-8 8″ Full-Range Speaker without box

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This 8-inch speaker offers high output combined with wide frequency response. With frequency response from 38Hz to 18KHz and efficient 92Db/W/M, the driver produces warm and smooth sound. Again, the 8″ design is make this dual-cone driver and ideal design as a replacement speaker.

The material used for this driver is also of premium quality and durable. Read more about Visaton BG20-8..

Lii Audio Fast-10

If you’re searching for a 10-inch driver with more powerful and clear sound, the Fast-10 speakers without box enclosure could be a best bet. The Fast-10 from Lii Audio is a Full-range speaker, therefore doesn’t need a bass compensation. The driver produces rich sound and voice reproduction with high sensitivity that can easily driven by a 2 watts amplifier. The box-less Open Baffle speaker has Mean sound pressure level of 99db(2.83v/1m). Read more about Lii Fast-10..

XIZI M6 Open Baffles

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If you’re looking for a smaller speaker without box enclosure, to build a Baffle Box or for your car audio entertainment, the XIZI M6 mono cone speaker could be a good choice. The 6.5-inch driver produces natural and mild sound at medium frequency.

The driver comes with Mean sound pressure level of 90.26 dB(2,83/1m) and Resonance frequency of 55.8 Hz. The compact design is ideal to use it as car door rear speakers and also wall-fitted home theater surround sound system. Read more about XIZI M6 speaker without box enclosure.

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