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Rockville RPA60BT Review

Rockville launched another power-packed Amplifier to the market. The new Rockville RPA60BT home theater reciever comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and AM/FM tuner. If you’re looking for a reliable quality receiver, here is our Rockville RPA60BT Review to know if this latest model could be a right choice for your home theater setup.

The new receiver from Rockville comes with powerful 1,000 Watts. The RPA60BT delivers an audio experience like none other receiver in this price range. Its built-in amplifier delivers clear crisp sound, louder than its peers in the market that are rated at 3000-watts.

The 2-channel receiver comes with total 250-watts RMS Power @ 4 Ohms, powering 125-watts each channel. The device delivers Peak Power of 500W x 2-channel @ 4 Ohms. It has Frequency Response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz with Input Sensitivity of 400mv/33 KOhm. The unit can pair with 3 additional power amplifiers and fire-up more speakers.

The hybrid amplifier and receiver can be used as home theater system, professional audio system or for karaoke. The Rockville RPA60BT has got built-in AM/FM tuner with 50 presets, supports media playback from USB flash drives, Aux input, has got CD/DVD RCA input on the rear, also built-in Bluetooth to directly stream the music from your smartphones.

An antenna for the built-in radio and another antenna wire for the FM radio is included in the box. The package also includes six screws and two angle plates to install the amplifier in to the professional audio system rack. The remote controller that comes with the device has complete functional controls of the receiver.

Coming to the design and built-quality of the Rockville RPA60BT, the model has a sturdy and solid build with a beautifully designed aesthetics. The illuminating buttons give the model and impressive look. It has one-touch button to turn off the LED, if that looks annoying to you. The unit has dual-fans to keep the device cool on extended use.

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2 thoughts on “Rockville RPA60BT Review

  1. I hated it. It makes everything 100 times harder than it should me, even the volume.
    I prefer more traditional receivers such as the Yamaha R-S202. Who needs 1000 watts? C’mon! The Yamaha looks elegant with its simple, sophisticated controls – not all cluttered up like the Rockville.

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