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Denon AVR-S920W Review

Denon AVR-S920W Review

In today’s fast paced environment, keeping up with the latest in technology is an uphill task. One of the best investments you can make in electronics is setting up a new future-proof home theater system. In addition to a TV screen and or projector, the most important thing in a home theater system is an amp that provides crystal clear sound with unlimited clarity and delivers crisp notes. Denon is a world renowned manufacturer of audio visual devices including amps, turntables, and portable audio devices like Bluetooth speakers. Denon also offers wireless audio systems and home theater solutions including Blu-Ray devices, receivers, and soundbars. Here is our Denon AVR-S920W Review, the latest product from the brand.

Getting Up Close and Personal With Denon AVR-S920W:
Looking at the specification and performance, Denon AVR-S920W receiver is one of the most advanced audio receivers available today. Promising to deliver high quality sound, the AVR-S920W model is created with Dolby Atmos technology that makes 3D Surround Sound your new best friend. Denon’s patented design also allows the AVR-S920W to create a virtual soundfield above you that compounds every auditory effect and makes you feel like you are in a movie or TV show – not just watching it. If there ever was a reliable device that you could rely on to put the theater sound effect in your home theater system, this is it.

Ready for the Future:
Denon AVR-S920W receiver includes 7.2 channel AV technology. It is also equipped with the latest onboard signal decoding and handling systems and is compatible with different types of video formats, including:
– 4K Ultra HD 60 Hz
– 4:4:4 Pure Color
– 21:9 Aspect Ratio
With 8 HDMI inputs, this device is a true powerhouse that offers unlimited possibilities for enjoying your favorite audio and video content. Thanks to a powerful quad core 32 bit processor, you can easily multitask and switch between programs without a hitch. The AVR-S920W also comes with integrated HDCP 2.2 Copyright Compliance verification, which allows it to run protected 4K Ultra HD content.

Additionally, high resolution audio decoding with the following formats is also available with full acoustic management including bass correction and DSP surround simulation:

Go Wireless or Go Home:Denon AVR-S920W Review
The AVR-S920W comes ready for all of your entertainment needs with wireless connectivity available straight out of the box. The device offers both Bluetooth and Wi Fi connectivity with dual antennas for extended range and improved signal transmission and reception. You can finally lay back and enjoy your favorite shows without having to worry about pointing a remote or getting up to work any switches. Another great advantage of the AVR-S920W’s connectivity is that you can directly play your favorite tracks from iTunes, SoundCloud, or other favorite mobile apps directly without having to go to any trouble.

In conclusion, Denon AVR-S920W is one of the best all-encompassing models the company has released. Designed to fit perfectly in your home theater system, or as a standalone device for a mind blowing audio and video experience, this device is one that promises the best of everything.

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