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Pioneer VSX-1131 Review

Pioneer VSX 1131 Review

Pioneer recently released their brand new 7.2-channel AV receiver, VSX-1131. It comes along with DTS:X and Dolby Atmos object based audio formats. In addition, people who spend their money on this product will get the opportunity to experience a wide range of innovative features. The automatic sound adjustment technology, which is featured as MCACC holds a prominent place out of them. It is compatible with the latest network functions such as TIDAL, Tuneln, Deezer and GoogleCast as well. Here is our Pioneer VSX-1131 Review to explore the product in detail.

The unique and impressive features that can be found in Pioneer VSX-1131 have contributed a lot towards its popularity in very short time after release. The latest model from Pioneer includes:

  • New DAC – The 7.2-channel AV receiver comes along with a high grade 384kHz and 32 bit DAC, which is produced by AMK. It has the ability to offer delicate and clear audio reproduction to the users along with unique digital filler. In fact, this digital filler has delivers very low distortion to the users.

  • MCACC – The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System, which is also known as MCACC has the ability to give life to an ideal acoustic environment in order to create surround sound. This technology has been developed with the assistance of professional recording studios in order to deliver a realistic acoustic environment. This system has the ability to compensate to different speaker sizes automatically. It can also compensate to equalize response and distance of speakers. Therefore, people who use it will be able to reproduce the original master sounds in a faithful manner.

  • Powerful sound – You can see a 7.1 channel receiver in Pioneer VSX-1131 with 160W per channel.

  • HDR and Ultra HD Compatibility – The HDCP 2.2 technology present in Pioneer VSX-1131 has made it compatible with ultra HD 4K video signal transmission. Therefore, this product is compatible with most of the modern world televisions as well. Moreover, Pioneer VSX-1131 is compatible with High Dynamic Range video standard.

  • DTS:X and Dolby Atmos support – DTS:X and Dolby Atmos can be considered as the latest object based audio formats available out there. Pioneer VSX-1131 is compatible with both these formats, which has helped is to create a 3D sound space within a room. This is powered by height and horizontal based audio information.Pioneer VSX-1131 Review

  • Phase control – The phase lag between main L+R speakers and the subwoofer has been addressed in Pioneer VSX-1131 through an innovative technology. In other words, the Phase Control technology that can be found in this product intentionally delays the bass in order to enhance sound synchronization. As a result, the LFE becomes more dynamic and user will be able to experience a clear sound reproduction without any hassle.

In addition to these most prominent features, it comes with AirPlay compatibility, iControlAVS compatibility, zone 2 line out, powered zone 2 and HDMI based control functions. Considering all these high-tech features and cutting-edge technologies, Pioneer VSX-1131 is certainly one of the most innovative A/V receivers available out there in the market and has high potential to impress the users.

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