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DR. J Professional P68 4500L Review

If you were searching for a reliable mini projector for indoor and outdoor entertainment for quite some time, you might have come across DR. J Professional brand name. The brand acquired good reputation from couple of its hot-selling protatble projector models. The P68 4500L mini project is one of them, which is well received by its users with lot of postitive reviews. Is this model fulfill your needs, let’s find it out in our DR. J Professional P68 4500L Review.

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The P68 Mini Projector comes with enhanced sharpness and brightness with a native resolution of 1280×720 pixels, offering you a clear and vivid movie watching or gaming experience on big screen. The projector also supports full-HD 1080p resolution. This mini projector has a 5 layer LCD lens display offering the users the flawless and clearest resolution on each detail. Dr. J has improved the color contrast ratio to 2000:1 in this model. Thanks to this improvement, now its users can see true life-like images with real colors.

By adjusting the Focus and ±15° Keystone button on the projector, you can place the unit anywhere and enjoy the best quality video display. Dr. J Professional 4500L  video projector has two built-in stereo speakers that enable you to enjoy outdoor entertainment without need of external speakers. You can also use the headphone jack port to connect an external speaker to the projector for a better experience.

The projector comes with an innovative light diffuse techechnology, you can view the screen for hours without feeling fatigued. The brand claims 50K hours of lamp life on this model. Considering the price tag, the rated lamp life looks impressive. It also comes with an efficient and upgraded WTD4.1.1 dual-fan cooling system, with noise level less than 45.3dB. It helps in keeping the device cool even if you use it for a long time. Thus you can enjoy your prime time with your family without any fear. The DR. J Professional P68 4500L also comes with a one year warranty.

You can easily hook up your smartphone with the projector for a big-screen display, no matter is it for gaming or movies. It is very simple to connect your smartphone with this projector with the help of an HDMI adapter. You just need to buy a Type-C/Micro USB (depending on your smartphone port) to HDMI converter. The HDMI input also helps to connect laptops, TV, Fire TV sticks, gaming consoles or DVD players for media streaming on big-screen. The unit also features VGA input and Micro SD, AV and USB input.


  • Dual-fan cooling system for long life and quiet operation
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor environments
  • Good built quality and reliable legacy


  • Found issues with streaming Netflix from smartphone to projector
  • Built-in speaker quality is just okay, you need external speaker for better audio experience.

Final thoughts

The DR. J Professional P68 mini projector is a great for addition for your family’s entertainment needs. You can watch TV shows, movies and play video games on a big screen with your family and friends. It offers very clear picture and decent sound quality with internal speakers. The model has good quality lamp that lasts for long. This projector is a great choice for outdoor and indoor home entertainment and it would certainly worth the investment.

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