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Marantz PM6007 Review

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Amplifiers are no more mere sound boosters like earlier days. With much advance in the technology, a good Hi-Fi amplifier will completely redefine your audio experience. With high resolution Digital Analog Conversion (DAC), Integrated Phono output, wider and distortion free dynamic range, the latest Amplifiers are designed to offer incredible sound clarity and details. We found Marantz PM6007 is one such good model released recently by the well-known brand. Read our Marantz PM6007 Review further to know if this amplifier suits your needs.

The latest PM6007 integrated amplifier comes as an upgrade to the Marantz’s award-winning PM6006 version. The top-selling PM6006 amplifier has won many awards including EISA 2016-17 Best European Stereo System, ‘Best stereo amplifier under £400’ (UK Edition) and more.

When it comes to its appearance, the Marantz PM6007 model looks much similar to its old Marantz PM6006 version. The company has put less efforts towards its aesthetics as the appearance didn’t change much in the product line for 13 years. Marantz products already look classy and premium, which could be a reason why the brand choose not to change it further. Apart from the overall premium look, it is well built and has a perfect framework that probably contains too many dials and controls for minimalist.

Marantz mainly focused on the performance while constructing the PM6007 edition. This 2-channel amplifier delivers 45W on each channel for a powerful sound quality (8 ohms RMS, 20Hz – 20kHz). The model also has got an improved DAC than its predecessor. The updated AK4490 DAC produces a crystal clear sound even at high volume.

The model features analog and digital inputs including 5 analog pairs, 2 optical digital inputs, and 1 coaxial input. A 150Hz fixed low pass cut off frequency subwoofer output is also available for bass lovers. The only two drawbacks we noticed in this model are missing USB port and Bluetooth connectivity option, which most users need as basic features. However, except these two misses, the Marantz PM6007 is flawless in performance and features.


  • Hi-Res D/A conversion, Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module
  • Clearer performance with a rhythmic punch
  • Improved Integrated Phono Input
  • Strong construction, High efficiency Toroidal Transformer, gold-plated inputs


  • USB port and Bluetooth connectivity is lacking

Final thoughts

The Marantz has got high reputation and a strong hold on affordable audio electronics industry for the last few years with its PM6000 series product line. With the release of the Marantz PM6007 model, their hold on integrated amplifier market got is even more fortified.

The PM6007 2-channel amplifier has got premium looks, better built-quality, superior performance and legacy of durability. We can say that Marantz PM6007 is one of the best quality integrated amplifier available in market today. Good news is that you can buy them on budget.

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