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LG 42LF5600 Review

LG 42LF5600 Review

Looking for a best Full HD LED TV for your home theater at an affordable price, this model could be a right choice for you. We reviewed the latest LG Electronics 42LF5600 television which comes with very good specifications and has got good feedback from its users. This 42-inch 1080p resolution FULL HD television doesn’t show any boasting technologies in specification sheet but has hot amazing picture quality. LG electronics is household name for high quality electronic products, but we reserve our judgement till our complete LG 42LF5600 review.

Key Features:
42” Wide full HD display with 1080p native resolution and very good refresh rate of 60Hz. Triple XD picture engine technology to ensure vibrant colors and clear crisp display. Wide range of connectivity options including HDMI, AV Composite and USB. Elegant and attractive design. 2 Channel inbuilt stereo speakers with Dolby digital decoder and ClearVoice II technology.

LG Electronics 42LF5600 has got very good contrast ratio and brightness levels. We were really impressed with the big 42 inch high definition display with 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080). Pixels in the LG 42LF5600 are packed so closely together that it is practically impossible for the naked eye to set them apart. The colors look more vivid and detailed even at wide viewing angles. HD quality videos really look superb in this HD television and brings amazing movie watching experience. We watched few Sci-fi movies on this TV and it never disappointed us in any sort.

LG 42LF5600 Review
As icing on the cake, this model also has got two good quality stereo speakers built-in. The speakers are powerful enough (total 20W) to fill loud and clear sound in mid-sized room. The audio output is powered by Dolby digital decoder and ClearVoice II technology. Coming to the connectivity options, the model has good array of them. It has two HDMI ports, one on front side and second on rear side, one USB port for media playback from external storage drives and AV composite input. LG 42LF5600 also has built-in RF tuner.

The company has done really good job in aesthetics department, the LED television looks really striking. With thin margins and attractive stand design, the model looks premium and expensive. Plastic used for this model is also feels good to touch and looks highly durable. Overall, considering the display quality and useful features, we feel the LG 42LF5600 is worth for every dollar you pay. This model will surely offer an amazing movie watching experience and will not disappoint your expectations.

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