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RCA RTS7110B-2 Review

RCA RTS7110B-2 Review

If you don’t want to spend too much money on home theater setup but still would like to add a low cost sound bar which looks premium and gives decent sound quality, then RCA RTS7110B-2 sound bar is for you. At an affordable price, the model comes with basic features and good quality output. Many home cinema enthusiasts think the very idea of low cost speakers trying to challenge premium models is funny, but we were very keen to test the worth of this product. So, here is our RCA RTS7110B-2 Review.

Key Features:
Decent 30W output to fill medium sized room. Premium looking design with option to wall mount or free stand. Stereo sound effect with four speakers. Bluetooth connectivity to play music from smartphones and tablets without wired connection. Analog, in-line jack and optical digital input to connect with A/V systems and TV.

The sound quality of RCA RTS7110B-2 was up to the mark, we could say. For a mid-sized room the model fill the loud and clear audio. Thanks to its powerful 180Hz 30W inbuilt speakers (4 numbers), the stereo effect was amazing. Of course the output is not great for a superior home theater setup, but we must point out that we were really impressed with the audio experience this low cost sound bar offered. We didn’t experience any sound distortions or whatsoever in our review unit. Apart from impressive audio quality, this low cost speaker bar also comes with multiple connectivity features and full functional remote control.

RCA RTS7110B-2 Review
The model doesn’t come with smartphone docking or other such high-end features to cut costs. We don’t think many people will use docking feature often, as it supports much easier Bluetooth connectivity. It took seconds to connect and stream music files from smartphone. Coming to the built-quality, the company has done impressive job to make this model look premium. Good quality plastic has been used and well-constructed. The model also sports option to wall mount or free stand. Surely which will add beauty to your home theater setup.

Overall, considering the audio experience, useful features and the unrivaled price tag, this model not the one to ignore. RCA is one good brand we can rely for durable and good quality audio devices. This model falls short in terms of top-notch features, but we strongly recommend RCA RTS7110B-2 for someone who’s looking for decent sound bar with good quality audio and basic features at affordable price. At this price tag, it is difficult not to recommend this Bluetooth supported sound bar.

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