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If quality is what most important for you and not worried too much on the price tag, then here is a good news for you. The reliable electronics brand LG has released one more premium quality OLED television series to the market. The Latest 4K Smart TV’s comes in G1PUA Series and available in three different screen sizes. Here is our quick LG G1PUA Review to explore more about these new televisions.

LG G1PUA Review
LG G1PUA Review

The latest OLED televisions from LG comes with premium looking Gallery design, currently available in 55-inch (OLED55G1PUA), 65-inch (OLED65G1PUA) and 75-inch (OLED77G1PUA). All these models are listed both in LG website and Amazon to buy online (>>Check Price in Amazon).

There is no match to LG’s picture quality when it comes to high-end display panels. It’s not a secret many other TV manufacturers use LG’s display panels on their boards. Moreover, LG is the leading brand in the OLED technology. The 4K resolution comprises of 8 million pixels. And, if you don’t know much about the OLED technology, here you go. Each of this 8 million pixels turns off and on independently.

The LG G1PUA model’s display gives incredibly natural and life-like images, thanks to its self-illuminating pixels. Videos look vivid and brilliant, the 4K resolution makes it crisper and gives a great treat to your eyes. Another advantage of its OLED screen is its wide viewing angles, you’ll see same level of details and vividness from extreme viewing angles. Whether watching a movie, sport, usual TV shows or playing game on this large screen, it is going to get your eyes glued to the impressive display quality.


LG makes use of its a9 Gen4 AI Processor on the G1PUA series that upscales the standard definition videos, processes 4K media. Also its AI analyses the scene being displayed and automatically adjusts the contrast to enhance your experience. The Smart TV runs on WebOS platform and you can download Apps to stream media from online channels like YouTube, Netflix, Prime etc. These models also comes with Built-in Alexa, you can just say to your television what to play, which App to open, what to search, ask time, weather and much more, without lifting your finger.

Coming to design, the televisions just looks like a piece of art on the wall. The bezels are almost zero, even on the chin. The thin television that just flushes with the wall without much projection. Definitely the television not only delivers the best-in-class display experience, it also adds a premium elegance to your living room. You can choose either 55-inch (OLED55G1PUA) or 65-inch (OLED65G1PUA) or 75-inch (OLED77G1PUA), based on your living room size and watching distance.

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