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Thanks to fast growing technology, low cost manufacturing and competition across different brands. Technologies that used to cost a fortune are very much affordable now. 4K Smart televisions are good example for the same. Recent addition to the 4K Smart TV market is from well-know LG brand, in the name of NANO75UPA series. The latest series of products comes in different screen sizes to attract customers in wider segments. What this new product has to offer, let’s find it out in our quick LG NANO75UPA Review.


The LG NANO75UPA series smart televisions are currently available in 43-inch (43NANO75UPA), 50-inch (50NANO75UPA), 55-inch (55NANO75UPA), 65-inch (65NANO75UPA), 75-inch (75NANO75UPA), and 86-inch (86NANO75UPA). LG has provided good range of display sizes to suit all living room sizes and seating distances. (>>Check Price in Amazon).

When it comes to picture quality, LG is one among the top display panel manufacturer with proven legacy of high-quality and reliable hardware. You can see the same legacy been maintained on these high priced models also. 8 million pixels are closely packed on these NanoCell True 4K resolution screens. Pictures are sharp and crisp to a level you could only expect on high-end 4K display units from LG & Sony. Also, LG’s innovative Nanoparticles technology on these displays ensure more vibrant and accurate colors.

The LG NANO75UPA series also features Dolby Vision™ IQ that enhances movie watching experience by auto-tuning the picture settings to suit the scene genre. The smart television is powered by Alpha-7 Gen-4 AI processor that upscales the SD videos to an incredible quality. These models also supports voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and LG’s own ThinQ AI technology.

Coming to design, the LG NANO75UPA series of LED Smart televisions comes with almost zero bezels on all four edges. The model comes with decent looking stands, though it is VESA mount compatible and looks great on wall. Overall, the latest 4K smart TVs from LG comes with superior picture quality and reliable hardware quality, with slightly higher price tag. If it fits within your budget, it will be the best treat you can give to your eyes.

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